Class “C” recreational vehicles have increased in popularity now that gas prices are lower. They’re also easier to maneuver and more efficient on gas because of their size. The Class C RV is built on a Ford E-350 chassis, allowing easy maneuvering through all conditions. It’s more like driving a family van then driving a motor home. Class C RVs are safer while on the highway due to a few different factors. Because of their lower profile the wind factor is lessened considerably. Another safety advantage to the class C RV is that the cockpit construction has an all steel cage protecting and providing extra protection to both the driver and the passenger. Please call us at (305) 714-1953 for more information.

Class "C" 22 Foot Gas Rv's

This style of motor home is the most common on the road today. With the van style cab and a cab over bed design, this motor home 22 and sleeps 4 people. The class ”C” motor home is designed to be fully self contained for 3-5 days depending on occupancy. The living area is accessible from the driver’s area and these motor homes are generally more economical to operate and are easier to drive and park than the larger types of motor homes.

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