Items to Not Take with You

Miami RV Rentals has some recommendations to make your ride a little lighter. Below are some items that you do not need to take with you.

Cooking Items: The waffle maker, toaster, the juicer, etc. In theory these items you think you will cook with. But realistically it is added weight and takes up space. So unless you truly use it everyday leave it at home.

Canned Goods: Canned goods are added weight. The RV is not like your pantry at home. Yo will not run out of food or grocery stores while travelling. There will always be a place to find food, so plan accordingly and travel light.

Tanks: There are three tanks, the fresh water, the black tank and the grey tank. When you stop to camp make sure you empty the black and grey tanks and if you know you won't be traveling for a long duration then you can run the fresh empty till you get to a camp ground.

Suitcases: It is best to travel and load the Miami RV Rental with your items in plastic bags. Where will you store the suitcases once you have unpacked? The RV comes with drawers and closets to store your clothes.

Firewood: Firewood is added weight. Campgrounds you can buy from or gather on your own.

BBQ Grill: Before you book your campground check with them and see if they have a grill next to your spot. This is one less item to take with you and you wont have to wait for it to cool down to pack and move to your ext destination.

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